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Our agency was founded by my father, TasosPylarinos, in a particularly difficult period for Greece, a time of great poverty and distress in the market and businesses.

He started in the 1970s and used cinema as his vehicle, which travelled from one town to another for the screening of new films, since, at the time television was not a widespread medium, featuring only the channels of the Armed Forces Information Service (YENED).

During intermissions, which were required to allow time for the change of the reel, the cards advertising the local grocery, the butcher’s, the near-by tavern were screened.

Gradually, as Greek economy was growing, television was introduced to all households and the Media industry developed. Thessaloniki welcomed the local Media and allowed advertisements on buses, sports fields, pavement barriers.

Our agency used the available means of the time to communicate with consumers and exploited the communication abundance of basketball courts (note, it was the golden decade for the teams Aris and Paok).

Our agency invested in technology, with the most advanced equipment of the time: the first phototypesetting equipment, the first mac, the first scanner for negative proofs, first digital camera etc.

Our success, however, always relied on the trust that our customers showed us.



Many say that nowadays the internet has dramatically changed communication. To us, the basis remains the same. Trust and human relationships are the quintessential elements of our work, which we have now adapted to the new circumstances. Our work is marketing strategy, communication and branding . We are focused on this work, doing it well, with a team of skilled individuals and are at your service.

Dimitris Pylarinos


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