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Social Media are nowadays the most important means of promoting your business!

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Social Media and their two-way communication with the public are nowadays perhaps the most important means of promoting your business. This is why we continuously ensure the training and specialisation of our staff, who, in conjunction with our years of experience in advertising since 1971, can guarantee that social media are used to benefit your business to the fullest.

Trust the specialists for guaranteed results!

Complete the form of expression of interest below and we will inform you of how the Social Media can be used to attract more customers to your business.

Study and design of a strategy for using social media according to the needs of your business.

Development & optimization of corporate pages & profiles on the most popular social media.

Development of graphic elements, copywriting and promotion in social media.

Development of a Facebook advertising campaign to instantly promote the message and increase Likes.

Daily monitoring of accounts and management of communication with the public.

Conduct and promotion of competitions on Facebook and other social media.

Quizzes, questionnaires, Gallup polls and other custom applications tailored to your needs.

Monthly reports and detailed traffic statistics.

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